The Business of Romance

“…and they lived happily ever after!”…the line that we all remember most from our childhood fairytales. The characters are interchangeable but the fantasy has always remained the same. The dream of shared passion, the power of love and being able to create those magical moments of the fairytales of our youth.Romance.pngSo how did a simple fairytale concept turn the business of romance and weddings into the worldwide multi billion dollar industry is it today?

First we must look at how new and emerging technologies coupled with our need to be and have the best has impacted the way we find love. Technology has revolutionized the way we go about our daily lives so of course we would expect it to have an impact on one of the fastest growing industries of our time, the Romance Industry. We rely on technology to guide us to the perfect resources, vendors, venues and even to help us find our perfect mate with the help of dating websites and social media.

Our reliability on technology for even the most personal of items is a reflection of how we as a society have moved away from the “traditional” and become more open and accepting of change. Being able to communicate with people all over the world has given us the opportunity to open our social circle and become more diversified. We embrace individuality and have opened ourselves up to unlimited opportunities for love.

29015_250423471761762_1406353899_n-1.jpgIn recent years we have seen romantic events such as proposals, engagements and weddings move from simple private or family affairs to elaborate and sometimes public productions. The bar has been raised to include custom made rings, multi-tiered cakes, exotic floral designs, scripted proposals and custom made dress(es). Theme based weddings, multiple pre and post wedding events, destination weddings in exotic locations and of course the newest trend “trash the dress” are also in vogue. There are photographers, videographers, drones, musicians, bands, dj, wedding planners, floral designers, makeup artists, creative designers all of which are part of the production team to create a modern day wedding or romantic celebration.

The average marital age is rising and couples are waiting until they are established in their careers and have more disposable income prior to getting married. Couples want to create a memorable experience for both themselves and their guests and are willing to pay to make that happen. Whether it is a surprise proposal, a small, intimate wedding or a lavish affair for hundreds of guests today’s couple’s expect and demand perfection. They want a celebration that is unique, and will showcase their personalities and traditions but most important they want to make it about them! Today’s couple’s are not willing to settle!

The reality is that the romance industry as a whole has become more commercial and requires a multitude of skilled professionals working together to make each event a success. Technology will continue to change and impact how we do business as new applications and tools are developed. Trends will continue to change from year to year with the global demand for wedding and romance professionals’ continuing to grow.

So where is the constant in this ever changing world we live in? How can we be sure that romance never dies? Well the answer is simple…

As long as fairytales exist we will always be looking for our “…happily ever after!”

(Written by Camille Jocsak)








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